How Acupuncturist in Mitcham Works

Acupuncture is a system of complementary medicine in which fine needles are inserted in the skin at specific points along with the lines of energy. Research suggested that it can help to relieve pain and a wide range of other complaints.

An experienced acupuncturist in Mitcham adopts a holistic approach to help transform your health and vitality. The focus is on the individual rather than the illness and the aim is to improve the person’s overall well-being. If there is pain, the acupuncturist concludes that it is a sign that body is out of balance. So he uses needles into acupuncture points, to restore the flow of qi, which is known as vital energy of the body; as a result of this, it triggers the body’s natural healing process.

Responsibilities – Acupuncturist in Mitcham

An acupuncturist in Mitcham carries out initial consultation with each patient by asking questions in order to establish a detailed case history, assess their health and determine a treatment plan.

  • He conducts subsequent one-to-one treatment sessions with patients. The one-hour session includes a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan for your health.
  • After diagnosis, an acupuncturist treats by inserting fine needles into the skin of his patient at particular locations to stimulate the energy flow along meridians (energy channels)
  • He can also include other treatments such as moxibustion (burning herbs to warm insertion points), electro-acupuncture (stimulating insertion points with small electric currents), and acupressure (to loosen and relax muscles)
  • Acupuncturist maintains your progress record and as your health improves; your acupuncturist may indicate that you can benefit from other modalities such as:
  1. Chinese herbal medicine
  2. Dietary control
  3. Massage and physical therapy

An acupuncturist is a skilled diagnostician as well as a treatment provider. So by talking and observing you, the Acupuncturist in Mitcham can diagnose where the imbalance is, in your body that is causing you pain, illness, feeling low and other related conditions.


Top Ways to Naturally Treat Migraines

Basically, Migraines are severe, repetitive and agonizing headaches which are heralded or followed by sensory signs that are followed by many other symptoms. Diagnosing Migraine is based on clinical history of the patient, symptoms that might have been reported along with the ruling out of other causes of the headaches. Migraines can occur to anyone, independent of ages and affect children as well as adults. An important contributor to Migraines might be genetic because if an ancestor had migraines, it is quite possible that a descendant might have one also. Commonly, a person might fee l down all of a sudden and others feel high without cause. Certain Dutch scientists have found that migraines and depressions are positively linked.


Symptoms range from food cravings, depression, hyperactivity etc. in the first stage, hypersensitivity to light as well as sound, nausea, dizziness and so on in the attack phase. However, a person suffering from migraine with aura might have the following:

1. He/she might have trouble speaking clearly.
2. Sensation of a pricking or a tangling in the patients’ legs, face or arms
3. Seeing shapes and flashes of light and bright spots.
4. Temporary vision loss.

Natural Cures to Migraine

Whether it’s the medications that you might wish to avoid or not having found them to be successful with the same, you should definitely check out the natural means of Migraine Treatment. Although scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint or show exactly why migraines occur, they believe nerve cells become excess stimulated and release chemicals which cause inflammation as well as swelling in the blood vessels in the neck ad well as the brain. The following are some of the many natural cures:

  • Acupressure is the method which is Chinese in origin, the pressure is inserted by the fingers and moving the hands to specific points of your body in order that your pain might be released. Acupressure is a trustworthy form of alternative or natural treatment for people that are suffering from migraines and migraine-affected nausea.
  • When you go for naturals, it is genuinely important to understand, plants and herbs, from time to time; have proven themselves to be much better healers of diseases than chemicals. It is no wonder that ginger could be so powerful a healer or reliever of migraines and their severity.
  • Naturally obtained magnesium added to your diet prevents migraines with aura. Magnesium can be obtained from almonds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds and so on.

So, I you are suffering from Migraine, it is necessary that you require medical assistance. And Natural Healing Center could provide you with excellent natural Migraine Treatment to relieve you off the terrible agony.

Ouch! My Head! I Might Be Having a Migraine!

Migraine headaches are usually caused by the changes that take place in the brain and due to the adjoining blood vessels. And when these attacks do take place, they become very serious and are the mostly common problems that take you to the emergency departments or doctors’ chamber. Migraine usually lasts for about 4 to 72 hours and vary in incidence to less than one every year. There are majorly three different types of migraines. The first is named Common Migraine, which is usually suffered by about most people and about 80% of the migraines are just these. These are not preceded by “auras”. (Auras are visual disturbance usually caused prior to migraines. The second type is called Classic Migraines. These migraines are preceded by auras (eg. Zigzag vision etc.) and are way more severe than a common migraine. The third and last kind is the Status Migrainus. This type of migraine usually appears and remains for seventy-two hours.

So… last Friday evening my wife, Jenny Said to me, “Honey! I’ve been having this headache since almost three days. Doctor believes it to be Migraine and have prescribed some medicines! Could you get them? The prescription’s on table Love!” “Okay Hon! Will do!” said I and went off. I knew that my elder sister, Angela; used to suffer from such aches, and that mom had some natural means of Migraine Headache Treatment. So, I rang up Mom who said “you can either squish or grind grapes and taking out the juice give her a drink. Giver her plenty fruits, whole grain chapattis or bread as well as honey. It’ll help! Also follow the Doctor’s medicines.” I’m not sure that the doctor’s meds worked but it seemed to me that the migraine seemed to have gone down.

Here are a few good ways you can prevent migraines:

• Stop eating salty foods, stale foods, cheese, salami and hot dogs and/or sausages. They are BAD for you!!!
• If you suffer from migraines, stop fasting and skipping meals (at least not without the doctor’s consent.)
• Stop drinking alcohol (it’s a bad habit any ways)
Some Natural Remedies to Migraine
• Go For Acupressure: this is the practice of applying pressure with the fingers and hands to the specific points of the body to relieve pains and their symptoms. This therapy is very common in case of migraines and is very helpful also.
• Apply Menthol Solution On the Forehead: Applying menthol solution on the forehead and the temples is more effective than placebo for migraines nausea and light sensitivity.

• Get Some Ginger Would You: Ginger eases nausea caused by migraines and brings down severity of migraines and also their duration.

There are many other natural remedies, and if you are looking for having a Migraine Headache Treatment through natural means, you could visit Natural Healing Center

Osteopathic Treatment-Principles & Benefits

Our bodies are thus programmed that at the appearance of an injury, the body itself, naturally heals off. However, at many or certain specific instances; the body fails to heal by itself. There could be ample amount of reasons to why the body is unable to heal itself. It is then that treatment becomes a necessity and for many cases therapeutic treatment becomes the means to heal the human body off the injury (injuries). In our present case Osteopathy comes in handy and that the Osteopathic Treatment is the means by which one enable the patient’s body to function properly.

Defining Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a natural medical treatment that is used for reinstating the normal functioning of the human body by treating the sources of pain and disparities that occur due to injury, illness, stress, etc. The treatment backs the philosophy that the body has an inborn and natural ability in which it self-regulates and heals. An Osteopath uses his /her hands using gentle techniques, massages in order to release and relaxes the muscles, stretches unbendable joints and moving the patient’s joints by usage of natural range of motion as well as or through articulation.

Some Basic Principles of Osteopathy

• Firstly, Osteopathy believes that all parts of the body are connected, which necessarily means that the functioning of one part of the body depends on the other. Thus if one part receives an injury the other is automatically harmed.
• Secondly, Good Circulation is necessary for the body to receive the proper variety of nutrients and for removing the unwanted materials from the body.
• Thirdly, If permitted, the body can heal itself. By using specific techniques, an osteopath helps in soothing tensions in the body caused by an old and/or new injury.

Benefits Offered By Osteopathy

• Firstly, an Osteopathic Treatment helps in reducing pain and stiffness in muscular tissues as well as joints.
• Secondly, enables the motioning in the joints and treats the spinal problems.
• Thirdly, De-stresses the tensions in the joints, reduces tension and migraine headaches
• Fourth, enables the body to acclimate to the hormonal and structural changes during on is pregnant,
• Fifth, it increases circulation and brings down the Blood Pressure.
If you are looking for a good place to get yourself an Osteopathic Treatment in either Mitchham or Ferny Creek, you could definitely connect with Natural Healing center.

Natural Remedies to Migraine

The migraine can be defined as a head-ache that varies in intensity and causes severe head-pains that is followed often by sensitivity to either light or smell or even sound. The birth (per se) of migraine headache is related to certain changes within the human brain. It causes severe head-pains that is followed often by sensitivity to either light or smell or even sound. Its symptoms range from eye-pain, sensitivity to light as well as sound, nausea, vomiting, etc. Migraines can be caused due to multiple reasons like changes in Hormones, stress, loud noise, certain types of food etc. Doctors often prescribe drugs like Mitrex STATdose System, Maxalt-MLT, Eleptriptan etc. However, migraine sufferers commonly seek out traditional or natural remedies to this disease. Since the eras of ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, countless ailments have been countered using the natural medications. Some of them have been useful for Migraine Headache Treatment. These are used even today as substitutes of the chemical drugs (depending on whether the chemical drugs have not produced desire results, or the drugs might be too costly or they produce harmful side-effects, etc.)

Natural Remedies Of Migraine

Since Migraines are not typical headaches, experiencing them makes the sufferer realize that he/she might be suffering from pounding pain, nausea, etc. as a follow-up. Natural remedies are a drug-free manner of reducing and alleviating the severity of Migraine Head-ache.

Here are some of the natural remedies to Migraine:

1. Maintaining A Good Diet: Maintaining a proper diet generally plays an important role in avoiding Migraine. In fact certain foods like deli meats, sausages, bacon , hot dogs, chocolate and beverages such as having alcohol content can cause migraines.

2. Bring Down the Caffeine: Coffee, tea, and beverages and food products with high levels of caffeine can cause migraine pains. Therefore restrict the intake of coffee or tea to eight ounce a day which is about eighty milligrams.

3. Limit the Stressor: Try to limit the stress to as much as possible, and if that means, changing your job, then it is a Must! After all health comes first!

4. Use Lavender Oil: Not only does lavender oil smell good but also is a wonderful aromatherapy treatment which enables the sufferer to relax or de-stress him/her-self. You can apply lavender oil on the temple of your head to allow it get absorbed into the bloodstream and reducing migraine pains. The lavender oil can be applied by pouring into the oil into the warm bathing water. Bathing this way de-stresses the sufferer.

There are other natural remedies of Migraine like acupuncture, meditation etc. In case you are looking for some good places for Migraine Headache Treatment within Mitcham; do consider either visiting Natural healing Center physically or via website.

Herbs, Nature & Respiratory Treatments

The Respiratory System in the human being is constantly active and keeps on performing its functions throughout twenty-four hours and seven days a week. It is through this system that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. However, it so happens that; at times, many contaminants, pollutants, dust, mold, fungus, harmful bacteria, virus etc. enter into the body, thereby causing respiratory diseases.

These diseases are often classified as upper & lower respiratory problems. Some common symptoms of respiratory diseases lies in simple cold, coughing, wheezing and other sinuses and problems related to mouth and throat, bronchitis and pneumonia. Although there are plenty of artificial medical aids, yet herbs still seem to be a “thing” when it comes to respiratory treatments.

Respiratory diseases- Definition & Some Common Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases mainly deal with those ailments which concern the pharynx (throat), larynx, the windpipe, the bronchi and bronchi-oles, the tissues of the lungs and respiratory muscles of the chest cage.

Some types of Respiratory Diseases are as follows:

1. Asthma: One of the most chronic yet common respiratory diseases, which is caused due to continual inflammation of the wind pipe (airways). Symptoms of Asthma include lung spasm, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This disease is caused due to allergies, infections and pollution spark up asthma.

2. Bronchitis: This respiratory disease is classified as chronic and acute. While chronic bronchitis emanates from chronic cough, the acute bronchitis is caused due to an infection. However, in both instances, the mucous membrane of the lungs are inflamed (in the bronchial oath-way) causing a swelling which shuts off the airways in the lungs. Both instances require rigorous and continuous treatment. As far as Acute Bronchitis is concerned, it disappears with the departure of the infection causing it.

3. Pneumonia: This disease is triggered by a contagion in the air sacs and can be caused by either a bacterium or a virus or eve fungi. Although, commonly people recover within three weeks’ time, it can prove to be life-threatening. Symptoms include cough, shaking chills and shortness of breath.

Some Common Herbs Used To Treat Respiratory Diseases

1. Eucalyptus: basically, a native of Australia, this variety of herbs help in curing throat irritation, supports immune system during cough and cold, fights congestion and soothes irritated sinus passages. The herb is a common ingredient in the making of cough syrups and lozenges.

2. Ginkgo: Ginkgo is used for the treatment of asthma. Its extract is used for calming the impulse to cough and wheeze by producing a chemical named PAF within the body of an individual.

3. Peppermint: Menthol, an ingredient in peppermint clears the wind-pipe, soothes inflammation, neutralizes free radicals, and brings an end to allergic attacks.

There are many more herbs which are not being provided to you for the lack of space and time. You could search them online and also find herbal solutions to Respiratory Treatments through Natural Healing Center.

Do I Have a Chronic Pain? If Yes, What Do I Do?

It is quite natural that a person should have experienced occasional aches and/or pains. To be truthful, unexpected pain is a significant reaction of your nervous system which alerts you of probable injury. When you are injured, the pain indications travel from the incapacitated area up your spinal cord and then to your brain. As the injury usually heals the pain becomes less severe. Nevertheless, chronic pain is dissimilar to a typical pain. In the case of chronic pain, your body keeps on sending pain signals to the brain, even after your injury has healed. Chronic Pain can last over numerous weeks to years. I case you have chronic pain, your mobility can be limited and the flexibility of your body along with strength, and endurance might be reduced.

This might be a bit challenging to get through your daily chores. The pain might be sharp or dismal, cause a burning or aching feeling in the injured area(s). It may either be steady or erratic, which appear and disappear without any seeming reason. You can suffer from chronic pain in practically any part of your body. The pain can feel unalike in a number of different affected areas. However, it is not beyond healing and there are plenty of Chronic Pain Natural Therapy Centers in Mitcham, for those of you residing in the Mitcham area, prominent among which is Natural Healing Center.

How Do You Know If You Have Chronic Pain?

The indicators that you might have chronic pain, could include the following:

  • If the pain you have been suffering does not cease as expected after either an illness or an injury.
  • In case your pain may be labeled as either shooting or burning, or aching, and/or electrical.
  • In case you’re suffering discomfort, tenderness, tightness, or even stiffness.

In case you have these symptoms you might just have a Chronic Pain.

Can Chronic Pain be Treated Naturally? If So, How?

There are plenty of natural remedies to Chronic Pain starting from Exercise to herbs etc. Here are a few of the Natural Remedies mentioned below:

  1. Exercise- When you exercise, your body yields its own variety of painkillers, like endorphins, which network with your brain receptors and is capable of changing your perception of pain.
  2. Fish Oil- Fish oil is a known natural pain-killer. It is advisable to take fish oil for more than 75 days and the pain is observed to disappear.
  3. Turmeric-  Another natural remedy to chronic pain.
  4. Heat & Cold Therapy- Heat Therapy helps your muscles to relax and cold therapy helps in minimizing swelling, burning sensation and pain.


There are plenty of other natural healing remedies for Chronic Pain which could prove very useful to you. And also try contacting a nearby healing center and/or contact a doctor for more information. Natural Healing Center is one of the prominent healing centers known for its Chronic Pain Natural Therapy in Mitcham.

Bowen Therapy Services in Mitcham

The Bowen procedure or therapy is a unique process which is applied at and to specific parts on the body. The therapy comprises of the movement of light, cross-fiber maneuvers of muscle, ligament s and/or tendon without any forceful influence of the same in a way peculiarly unique in itself. The process is used for treating muscular and/or skeletal or even associated neurological problems. Moreover, the therapy is also used for healing critical sports injuries, chronic and other organic afflictions.  Furthermore, the therapy makes use of the slack in the spread-over-the-surface of the skin in order that it may treat over the tissue which underlies the skin. Therefore, each move passes over a trivial part of the skin, which is demarcated by how far an individual’s skin can move over a beset or particular area.

Did you know?

Natural Healing Center provides a unique Bowen Treatment to relieve you of stress, and that too at a very affordable price.

Origin of Bowen Therapy

In the 1950’s, Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) began developing this procedure which today is known by his name. He was keen on finding ways to relieve human woe and started noticing some of the definite moves on the body which had specific effects. Tom Bowen thus created the Bowen Therapy without any official teaching on either modality or on discipline. Mr. Bowen had implored Ossie (his friend) and Elaine (Ossies’s wife) to teach and make known to the world, his work. His friend honored his request and thus the world had its Bowen Therapy because of its efficacy.

The Process

The treatment comprises of ordered small moves at changeable pressures, each at a particular part of the body. The therapy is very soothing and lasts between 30 minutes to one hour. It can be delivered via a layer of dainty clothing. However you might have to remove the heavy garments you are wearing. During the therapy, the therapist leaves the room for two to five minutes time to time. This is to permit your body to respond to the therapy and for the essential changes to follow in your body prior to the re-starting of the next arrangement of moves.

The Don’ts after the Therapy

It is advisable that you do not have any other forms of physical therapy and/or manipulation. For example you should refrain from massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture etc. – at least, for a week since your body needs to adjust to the therapy.

If you are in need of Bowen Therapy Services in Mitcham, just search the internet. But take care that you reach out to only the well qualified and trusted surgeons in Mitcham for this purpose.

Remedies of Depression

“When man is serene, the pulse of the heart flows and connects, just as pearls are joined together or like a string of red jade, then one can talk about a healthy heart”.– The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine, 2500 B.C. Man is engrossed both with joy and woe. But when despair creeps in, it becomes hard to live. However, medicine calls this ‘Despair’ “an extremely complex disease” rightly stated by an article in an informative website.

Causes of Depression

Depression as a disease is complex because one cannot say why exactly it is caused and by what and that it may occur due to multiple reasons and requires professional natural treatments as you can find in the Natural Healing Center. Here are a few causes of Depression:

1. A previous carnal or emotional exploitation (abuse) might cause clinical depression in a later portion of life.

2. Certain drugs, like Isotretinoin, the Interferon-alpha (used for curing Viral ailments), along with corticosteroids, might cause depression.

3. The death of a loved one often encrusts the human heart with grief and lamentation, which in turn, might give rise to Depression.

4. Depression might be genetic in nature which means in case one has a family history of depression, he or she might be vulnerable to the same.

5. The article in Web MD states that about 30% of the Drug Addicts are subject to Depression.

Natural Remedies and Cures for Depression

Although no definite cure is present for this “extremely complex disease”, here are a few Anti-Depression Solutions to make you feel better:

1. Schedule your daily life. This means that when you are depressed, you tend to amalgamate your daily life which shatters the very structure of your daily life. To feel better, strive to set a tender daily schedule to help you get back on the track.

2. During Depression, you often feel like your goals are unattainable or you can do nothing which makes you feel even more in ruins. Push back! Set out your goals even firmly and boldly seek to attain them. Start small and go big.

3. Keep a healthy diet. In case you eat too much when you’re depressed, restrict yourself to a healthy diet. Avoid eating too much or consuming too much of junk-food.

4. Depression often takes away your sleep. But you must strive to sleep well. Listen to soothing music or read a book, meditate before you go to bed. A good sleep often drives away Depression.

5. Exercise always or go gymning or go out for a run or a jog. Keep yourself active and you won’t have to worry about depression

Remember, “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”– Buddha. In lieu with these words, if you’re suffering from depression, it’s high time to see a doctor and for natural treatment, you need to get to centers like Natural Healing Center.

Why Should You Consider Natural Therapy In Mitcham While Dealing With Chronic Pain?

Sometimes traditional or conventional medications are not very effective at treating chronic pain that is associated with certain medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. In addition, traditional treatments often come with potential side effects.

Usually, doctors in Mitcham suggest prescription drugs which are usually narcotics that are painkillers. One of the disadvantages of using traditional medicines is that these drugs are additive in nature.

Over time the use of pain killer have an adverse effect on some of the major organs of the body. Some patients in Mitcham suffering from chronic pain find relief with natural and alternative medicines. Benefits of using natural therapy for treatment of chronic pain are briefly discussed in this post.

Natural therapy treatments for chronic pain

Chronic Pain Natural Therapy in Mitcham may vary, those that use naturopathic doctors will usually be prescribed natural ingredients and herbs. Without any adverse side effects, the natural herbs typically provide immediate pain control. In additions, naturopathic doctors may recommend additional treatment that may include the use of massage and heat for effective treatment of chronic pain. In order to provide warmth to the sore muscles of the patient, natural practitioners may recommend products such as back support brace in Mitcham.

Benefits of natural therapy

As compared to traditional or conventional treatment, the inexpensive yet effective methods for heat and massage therapy for treatment of chronic pain. In addition, natural therapy provides rapid pain relief without any adverse or negative side effects. Natural therapy also helps for treatment of the source of the problem and not the symptoms alone.  The use of natural therapy in the long term lessens or completely eliminates the chronic pain.

The bottom line

You should consult “natural healing centre” if you are considering natural therapy for treatment of chronic pain.  They can help you to find the right type of natural therapy for treatment of your medical conditions.